Mental Health Services

“Telepsychiatry is currently one of the most effective ways to increase access to psychiatric care in underserved areas” – American Psychiatric Association

The MEDIKO Telepsychiatry Program is customized to the needs of each individual correctional institution, and since 2005, MEDIKO has conducted over 20,000 Telepsychiatry sessions for correctional facilities as well as Community Service Boards.

Benefits of the MEDIKO Telepsychiatry and Mental Health Program Include:

  • Improved access to quality and necessary Mental Health Care
  • Reduced use of security staff for off site transports
  • Reduced cost of medication by using more generic, time proven psychotropic medication
  • Reduced liabilities by providing timely and adequate Mental Health Services
  • Reduced grievances from inmates and/or their relatives regarding mental health issues
  • Reduced dangerous or aggressive behavior of inmates
  • Reduced abuse of psychotropic medications by inmates
  • Improved Mental Health services to inmates that is constitutionally required
    “Providing adequate and timely mental health services to incarcerated populations is not a luxury, but a constitutional requirement.”
    Numerous Court Decisions
  • Reduced recidivism by providing a better treatment, therapy and discharge planning