All of our client partner relationships extend beyond the initial term of the contract, including our first regional jail client contracted in 1998. We attribute the retention of these long term relationships to our partnership and customized approach, while maintaining medical cost below the state average without compromising the quality of care.

Below, you will see what some of our clients are saying about MEDIKO:

Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority – ADP 1200

July 2007
“Our latest pharmacy figures show a 34% reduction in the cost of psychotropic medications after one year.”

“The use of an on-site mental health professional, along with teleconferencing, has enabled the Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority to provide mental health services to a greater number of prisoners at a lower cost.”

“The Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority has seen a reduction in the number of grievances and complaints filed by inmates requesting mental health services. We have also noticed a reduction in the number of confrontations between inmates and the jail officers.”

-Christopher R. Webb, Administrator

September 2009
“The MEDIKO approach lets me manage the staff while bringing the medical leadership and qualified professional staff needed to manage the delivery of medical and mental health services.”

“With the physicians’ understanding of the behavior of some inmates, they are able to identify the requests for unnecessary services and don’t hesitate to say ‘no’ without sacrificing the quality of necessary medical services.”

“MEDIKO team brings a very high level of customer service and are very responsive to our questions or needs for revised tools or protocols.”

-Elton W. Blackstock, Administrator

February 2014
“MEDIKO acts as a partner with Blue Ridge Regional Jail Authority and works closely with us to meet a common goal of providing the highest quality services with the most qualified medical personnel and on-site qualified mental health professionals.”

“I have the utmost confidence and respect in MEDIKO’s opinions and suggestions due to the fact that they have never lost nor settled a lawsuit. As an Administrator, that speaks volumes for the expertise they have in the correctional medicine field.”

-Timothy E. Trent, Administrator

Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office – ADP 100

March 2014
“The company (MEDIKO) is prepared to adapt to your facility and provide the most effective and efficient medical service. Depending on your needs MEDIKO can schedule physician visits for your facility, arrange lab contracts, provide a nursing staff for you, and even offer mental health services.”

“The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office remains pleased with the service MEDIKO has provided. I would recommend MEDIKO to any Sheriff and look forward to them serving our jail in the future.”

-Thomas D. Jones, Sheriff

Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority – ADP 1800

January 2006
“MEDIKO has reduced our pharmacy costs by over 50%, emergency room trip costs by 80% and negotiated lab service contract rates for our Jail Authority, which are approximately 70% less than what most other jails pay for lab services.”

“MEDIKO understands the importance of merging medical and operational procedures. They developed extensive protocols for medical staff and supervisory security or treatment staff to provide consistency for our medical service delivery. The protocols are part of an extensive medical policy manual that is the best I have ever seen in my 35 years working in prisons and jails.”

“MEDIKO has become an important member of the management team by integrating medical, security and treatment procedures. They also have driven cost savings that actually have medical and pharmacy expenses under budget.”

-Lee Noble, Superintendent

February 2014
“No one can read a paper published in Virginia and not see an article concerning mental health issues. MEDIKO PC has developed and continues to improve a mental health program for our facilities that is second to no other program.”

“The Southwest Virginia Regional Jail Authority is extremely fortunate to have a medical contractor of the caliber of MEDIKO PC. The highest level of medical and psychiatrist care is consistently maintained for all 1800 inmates in our facilities and is proven by the small amount of inmate grievances and lawsuits.

-Stephen Clear, Superintendent

Northwestern Regional Adult Detention Center – ADP 600

January 2006
“Highly motivated and appreciably cost-sensitive, MEDIKO appears to have a firm grasp of correctional medicine and its unique challenges. In the two calendar quarters since their arrival we experienced a significant reduction in our overall medical costs, with substantially fewer outside referrals and a significant reduction in the number of non-formulary prescriptions issued.”

-Fred D. Hildebrand, Superintendent

May 2009
“The MEDIKO management team initiated the first-ever dialogue with our supporting Regional Medical Center and resolved several long standing issues which for years detracted from our efficiency.”
“Free of litigation while operating at reduced cost levels, MEDIKO has been a good partner in providing quality healthcare at this facility.”

-Bruce R. Conover, Superintendent

February 2014
“Our experience with MEDIKO, P.C. over the last 8 ½ years has been totally positive. Highly motivated and appreciably cost-sensitive, its leadership and staff demonstrate a clear understanding of the correctional environment and the unique health care challenges presented.”

“MEDIKO offered psychiatric care via video conferencing which not only eliminated the backlog of care we experienced using the traditional service format bur also resulted in a drastic reduction in cost.”

-James F. Whitley, Superintendent

Eastern Shore Regional Jail – ADP 100

February 2013
“We are exceptionally pleased with the services MEDIKO is providing for us, and in the process our liabilities have been greatly reduced. Dealing with MEDIKO is a win-win and I would recommend them to any facility looking to get their Medical Department in order.”

-Captain Roger L. Kennedy, Jail Manager

Virginia Peninsula Regional Jail – ADP 400

September 2003
“MEDIKO has assisted the facility staff in developing and maintaining a comprehensive system of providing health care in a custodial environment without compromising the quality of care rendered.”

-Major Sheryl L. Castellaw, Assistant Jail Administrator

Amherst County Sheriff’s Office – ADP 150

April 2009
“MEDIKO implemented a mental health program to include access to a psychiatrist and QMHP, which in turn has helped manage the use and cost of psychotropic drugs and minimizes our liability related to mental health services.”

“We believe MEDIKO has saved our facility money while improving services and reducing liability.”

-L.J. Ayers III, Sheriff