Why Select Mediko

MEDIKO is not a cookie cutter company, and we pride ourselves in providing customized healthcare programs and solutions that are responsive to the unique challenges and needs of your facility. No matter what size your facility is we will provide adequate and timely healthcare services while controlling costs and minimizing risks. No other competitor has successfully sustained and renewed contracts term after term as long as MEDIKO. We are still managing our first jail medical contract since 1998.

At MEDIKO, we stand for our solid record, our results, our relationships and our people.

Our goal is not to make money by minimizing medications dispensed, dangerously delaying offsite transports or using inadequate or poorly qualified healthcare staff. We believe in providing a very transparent fee for service healthcare operation. This is exactly why neither us nor our partner clients have lost or settled a single lawsuit related to the medical department since the inception of our company in 1996.